Pastille Advantages

Pastilles offer your customers a convenient and dust free product that easily flows and is appealing to the eye.

You put a lot of money and effort into your products and want the end user to receive a high quality product that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Partner with us and add value for your customer and increase your sales.

Material Handling Problems

Do you experience clumping issues with your powder? How about difficulties in metering?
Below are common material handling issues that can be EASILY solved by using pastilles:

Poor process economics
Segregation of particles
Customer preference
Poor ergonomics
Poor metering

The Pastille Solution

Some products can be converted into a small granule or pellet form called a pastille. A pastille is a split pea-shaped particle that is formed when the product is dripped onto a cooling surface and allowed to solidify.  With our experience and technology, we can make pastilles from 2 to 8 mm in diameter.


Competitive Advantages: 

Increase customer base
Significantly reduce dust 
Provide uniform flow of solids
Improve safety and housekeeping 
Simplify spill cleanup 
Simplify equipment design 
 Stores easily in warehouse

Pastille Solution Examples


One of your products is currently being offered as a casting in a drum. If your customer does not want to have to heat the drum to melt and pump the product out of the drum, then pastilles would be a great solution.


Perhaps you manufacture a product into a fine, dusty powder. If your customer wants less dust so his operators do not have to wear respiratory protection and so his housekeeping effort and cost will be less, then converting it into pastilles would solve it.


If your product is currently a flake that clumps together in the packaging causing increased labor and poor efficiency for your customer, then you need to explore pastilles.


A powder product that is part of a solid blend segregates in the packaging during transit. A particle size to match that of the other ingredients is needed, so pastillating is the answer.


If your customer knows what they want and they want the product to be a pastille, then give us a call we are your outsourced toll pastillating solution!